Who we are

Bouresly International Company established in 1998 in Kuwait as pioneer company in the Arab world in the field of virtual reality medical simulation. Bouresly International is the Middle East leader in marketing and developing virtual reality simulation technologies that recreate realistic medical procedures. We develop state-of-the-art education and training concepts based on computer simulation and robotics technologies to be realized in courses that can be implemented in the medical schools and teaching hospitals. We organize medical workshops across the Middle East in collaboration with current international industrial and academic leaders in medical, surgical, and device technology to enhance the education of the future doctors and nurses in order to shape the next generation of improvements in patient care and safety.

consulting services and solutions

Moreover, Bouresly International offers consulting services and solutions tailored to your needs for the design/redesign and development of multidisciplinary virtual reality simulation centers and virtual hospitals including software, hardware, equipment, curriculum, layout/space, integration of simulation into existing programs, and financial considerations. Experts will work with you to develop the simulation training needed for your undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and continuing education programs for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. A variety of simulators have been effectively used at all levels of medical professionals education and even to educate the general public about the work of doctors and what really happens in the operating room, emergency room, or intensive care unit.

distributes and sells

The company also offers, distributes and sells a broad range of high-quality medical devices and surgical products that covers the entire spectrum of hospital supply like General Surgery, laboratory diagnostics, scientific devices, Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators and Nebulises.

quality products

We are working continuously to extend the product range of medical-, scientific- devices and disposables to insure customer satisfaction.